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Golden retreiver looks towards owner off screen with text: Wherever your adventures take you, make sure you bring a little motivation for your best friend too.

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Excited Dog border collie looking out from a yellow background with text: Looking for Treats? We've got what you need.
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Text: 100% Single Source Treats
Text: Lots of large companies will try to cheat you out of the protein their treats are flavored after. Why? Because fillers (like grains, soy, or meat by-product) are cheaper than healthy proteins (like beef or chicken). They're all about the money, we're all about you and)
your bestfriend.
Beef liver treats on a wood plate on a white background.
Which is why, here at Project Treats, we don't do any of that nonsense. If our treats say beef, that's exactly what's in the bag. And because we care about your pup's health you can be assured that our treats don't have anything in them that's not good for your baby. That means
No Additives, No preservatives, No Dyes, No Fillers
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2 cute corgies in the same dog bed on a yellow background with the text: Have we convinced you to give us a try yet? On a hover the image changes to 4 corgies in the same dog bed on a yellow background with the text: Check out our store. Includes link to our store
Text: No? Well there's plenty more.
Text: Our Minimal ingredients lists aren't our only feature, we also believe in minimal processing, so your dog is as close to tthe nutrients as they can be. Which is more important than you probably think. Dogs have shorter digestive tracts than we do, meaning they have less time to get to the nutrients in their food before it's out of their body. And since our treats aren't highly processed, your dog's body doesn't have to work as hard to get to the good stuff inside.
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German shepherd with tilted head looks out. Text: So what exactly is our process?
Text: We're so glad you asked.
All of our treats and chews are dehydrated raw. Dehydration is a safe and effective method of preserving food. So effective that humans have been doing it since 10,000 BC. The process takes longer than most big companies are willing to spend on you and your pup, but we think you're both worth it.
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Text: and to top it off...
Our treats aren't just healthy, they're designed for training. Our thin slices easily break in half or several peices, meaning your training sessions can go for as long as you need on only a handful. They're good to be used as your everyday treats or as high value rewards. And since all of our treats are single ingredient you can easily avoid any allergies whether your clients have them or your own pups do.
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Puppy golden retreiver looks hopeful out on a yellow background. Text: Maybe you'd like... On hover the image changes to a puppy german shepherd tilting his head looking out on a yellow background. Text: Bring some home? Includes a link to our store page.
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May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Wine & Dessert Party

Happy small breed long haired dog looked up with open mouth. Text: Got any questions we didn't answer? Send 'em our way. On hover image changes to small white fluffy dog that looks towards viewer with tongue out. Text: Contact Us. Includes link to contact us page.
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